Loyd Heath’s interest in photography began in 1945 when he was a student at Riverside High School in Milwaukee, WI. He was struggling in his chemistry class and since his teacher was the faculty adviser to the “camera club,” he thought it might be a good strategic move to join the club. He did, and his strategy worked; he passed chemistry and as a bonus he gained a lifelong interest in photography.

Loyd has taken many courses and workshops in photography since that time, he has participated in many photo shows, and his photos have been widely published. His primary career however was in accounting. He was a Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business in Seattle for 36 years. He currently holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Accounting.

Since retiring from the University in 1998 Loyd has devoted full time to photography. He is best known for his University of Washington campus photos, his Alaskan totem pole photos, and his photos from Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI, and Genesee Country Village in Mumford, NY. Both of these are outdoor living history museums that depict life in the 19th century. His coffee table book "A Settler's Year: Pioneer Life through the Seasons," illustrated with his photos from Old World Wisconsin, was published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press in 2015.

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